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Avoid These 8 Common Job Applicant Mistakes

Nobody can discount the difficulty of looking for a job. Hunting for employment is difficult, even if you are a highly qualified person with the skills and education to back up your resume. Still, even the most qualified individuals make mistakes when they are applying for employment.

If you want your resume to stand out in the pile, you need to take action to avoid common mistakes. These mistakes could cost you a job.

Why Job Seekers Should Use a Staffing Agency

Have you been applying to the online job boards and not having any success? A staffing agency can provide you with a better opportunity of finding the right job to match your skills. Recruiting firms tap into a specific pool of job opportunities that simply aren’t found elsewhere. If you want a more efficient job search, here are the reasons why you should use a staffing agency to find your next job

Skip the Online Job Applications

According to¬†Forbes, online applications are a huge waste of job seekers’ time. Not only are the online job applications tedious to fill out, they’re not an efficient way of being found by a hiring manager.