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Avoid These 8 Common Job Applicant Mistakes

Nobody can discount the difficulty of looking for a job. Hunting for employment is difficult, even if you are a highly qualified person with the skills and education to back up your resume. Still, even the most qualified individuals make mistakes when they are applying for employment.

If you want your resume to stand out in the pile, you need to take action to avoid common mistakes. These mistakes could cost you a job.

1. Ignored Directions

Failure to follow directions is one reason people don’t get hired. Online job descriptions are often quite specific, asking that applicants use specific subject lines or not include attachments in their emails. If you fail to read these steps, you miss out on an opportunity.

Of course, you may have to apply to several jobs on the same day. In this case, review instructions carefully before submitting a resume or application. Read carefully and act with intention.

2. Simple Errors

If you don’t spend a little extra time reviewing your resume or written answers, an employer is going to think you don’t pay attention to detail. In the past, applicants have spelled the name of the business or hiring manager incorrectly. Both are major red flags. Read over your answers carefully to ensure you are not making easy mistakes.

3. No Accomplishments

If the hiring manager doesn’t see what you will bring to the company, why should he or she hire you? Don’t discuss your excitement for the job and end the letter. Instead, discuss your accomplishments and achievements in your education and other jobs. Use this in your job description rather than simply listing your responsibilities in this position.

4. Messy Resumes

A resume should be easy to read, even if is longer than one page. Many applicants create resumes that are difficult to read because the lines are not spaced out well. Ensure that the reader can easily discern the different headings. If your resume looks like a jumbled mess, the hiring manager is going to avoid reading it altogether. Use white space to create an attraction paper.

5. Exaggerated Qualifications

A hiring manager may be able to detect exaggerations or lies about your qualifications to do the job right away. Hiring managers often know every detail of the industry they are overseeing, so they may know if you make a claim that would be otherwise impossible. Hiring managers do not want to work with those who are dishonest.

6. Passive Language

Passive language is not as interesting or exciting to read as active writing. Tell the hiring manager what you did instead of what was done. The hiring manager wants to see that you took an active role in making something happen. They also read hundreds of resumes a day, so make sure your resume is active and interesting.

7. Unprofessional Email Addresses

If you don’t have a professional email address that contains your name or something similar, you should get one now. The hiring manager will look at the email address you include on your resume or from which you send your documents. Ensure your email handle is appropriate and suitable for a business environment.

Actively searching for a job is the best way to find positions in which you are a great fit. You will benefit from seeking employment through a staffing agency, and if you take care to avoid making these common mistakes, you’ll find a job that’s a good fit for you.

If you are ready to get started, contact BIRK Staffing & Technical Services today to see how we can help you actively seek the job you deserve.

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