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As your full-service recruiting firm, BIRK Staffing alleviates the burdens associated with hiring. Our dedication to our clients is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and helping to grow your business is our #1 goal. Our personal attention to each client allows us to gain a greater understanding of their organization’s needs and helps us to identify successful matches. We handle all recruiting, advertising, screening, interviewing, and placement testing. In addition, BIRK Staffing absorbs general insurance, Workers’ Compensation, bonding, unemployment, and payroll liability costs for all temporary and temp-to-hire employees. Our various hiring options are designed to accommodate all of your staffing needs.

BIRK Staffing has earned an impeccable reputation by understanding and researching each individual client’s staffing needs. We offer solutions and recommendations, and streamline the hiring process to save you valuable time. BIRK Staffing provides criminal background checks, drug screening, placement testing, references and one-on-one behavioral-based interviewing of candidates. Our staff meets each candidate personally. Our team possesses the knowledge and tools to make successful placements, whether direct hire or as a temporary. BIRK Staffing saves you valuable time and costs in the hiring process. First, we alleviate the tedious task of reviewing thousands of overqualified and underqualified resumes as well as the time expended to connect with chosen applicants. How many times have you been disappointed by unreturned messages or candidates no longer being available after conducting a lengthy screening process? Let us use our time to save you time and make the hiring process an enjoyable one.

Direct Hire

BIRK Staffing's direct hire program has proven to be our most cost-effective option and is also accompanied by a 100% placement guarantee. We recruit candidates who have the skills, experience, and personality that you require. We administer drug testing and criminal background checks on all direct hire positions.


BIRK Staffing's temp-to-hire program requires that our candidate complete a pre-established number of hours before being hired. Upon completion of the necessary hours, you may hire our candidate without incurring an additional fee. You also have the option of requesting an early conversion. One advantage of this program is that you have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate for a longer period of time before making a hiring commitment. Temp-to-hire candidates also undergo a drug screening and criminal background check.


BIRK Staffing's temp program allows you to meet your business demands without incurring the cost of hiring a permanent employee. Temporary employees are also fully screened and tested.


Managing payroll is costly and time consuming. Benefits of BIRK Staffing payroll services include, reducing costs, saving time and limiting your legal exposure. You can concentrate your time on what is important to you. BIRK Staffing absorbs the responsibility of all payroll, payroll tax liabilities, Workers' Compensation, and unemployment. We handle the weekly payroll process, reporting accounting records, federal quarterly returns, tax deposit, and distribution of W-2s at the end of the year. Using BIRK to payroll your employees eliminates all onboarding and payroll cost, benefit, vacation, and holiday expense that is incurred by full-time employees. For most clients these benefits are indispensable.

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