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Austin Bomber

We at BIRK Staffing are extremely relieved that the Austin bomber Mark  Anthony Conditt has been stopped from hurting other innocent people.  There have been 2 deaths and 5 people injured in 5 different blasts.  The senseless violent acts are not only scary but affect the lives of people who did nothing.

Stephen Hawkings death is so sad!

Stephen Hawking died March 14th of 2018, it was a truly sad day.  Not only was he 76, he continued to work, and more importantly taught the world that a disability does not define who you are.  He was inspirational to everyone, and was brilliant until the day he passed.  Stephen Hawking was rumored to run over the toes of people he didn’t like with his wheelchair.  I think it shows what a great sense of humor he had.   He will be sadly missed by the physicist community as well, based on all his contributions.

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