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BIRK is the right choice for Staffing!

BIRK Staffing…the right choice!

  • Choosing the right staffing firm can be a daunting task.  After all, what separates one agency from the next?  As a successful recruiting firm, with an extensive list of long-established relationships, we believe the answer is both quality and a demonstrated code of ethics.
  • Quality does not simply refer to finding the best candidate.  It is also about the experience as a whole.  At the heart of every good recruiting firm is the desire to fill its clients’ needs.  But how is that accomplished?  BIRK Staffing employs a hands-on team of recruiters that offers a personal touch.  Our efforts are not merely computer driven and our matches are not computer generated.  BIRK’s recruiters take the time to get to know each and every candidate who completes the interview process.  They are also vested in learning about your company and understanding the best way to help you.  As you share your hiring needs, your dedicated recruiter is already thinking of viable candidates for you.  Because we recognize that hiring the right person is an investment, BIRK thoroughly screens every candidate.  In addition to the in-person interview, we also secure references, conduct placement testing and administer a pre-employment drug screening & criminal background check, all in an effort to ensure the best fit possible.  People are our product and while we have no control over human nature, we can take steps to produce a successful outcome for all.
  • BIRK’s code of ethics requires that matches are made with everyone’s best interests at heart.  The match must be beneficial for both the client and the candidate alike.  We provide accurate information when presenting our candidates to you; NO exaggerated skill sets, NO inflated work experience, No empty promises.  What we do promise is to dedicate all of our resources to find the best talent available and to keep you abreast of our progress.  The relationship between a recruiting firm and its clients is a partnership, not just a simple transaction.  We’re in this together and we have the same goal in sight.  So, ask yourself, “Who do I want to partner with?”
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Need Accounting Help? How To Decide What Position To Hire

As your small business grows, so do your financial management needs. Most small businesses begin with the owners or their family members handling the money, recording income and expenses on the books, producing any financial records, and planning for the future. But have you grown beyond your ability to keep up with what needs done in these areas?

If the answer is yes, here’s a short guide to deciding whether you need to hire an accounting clerk, a bookkeeper, a controller — or even something more.

What Needs To Be Done Now?

When most businesses decide to take the plunge and hire help, it’s because the current situation has become unsustainable. If this is the case, you need to triage your immediate and practical needs so you can address them first.

What are your biggest issues right now? Are your company books out of date? Do you have trouble understanding more than the most basic aspects of your accounting software? Are you falling behind in technology that competitors can offer or planning your business needs? What short-term financial goals seem out of reach with your current load?

What Are Your Business Goals?

Once you know what you need right now, think about what you will need in the near future.

For instance, is your company still in the growth stages, getting a foothold in the local market and creating a valuable brand? Do you expect to take it to a new market, introduce new lines, or expand beyond your local area? Do you want to go international in the next few years? Will you need to do significant investing in new technology or opening new locations?

Different scenarios call for different professionals. A business that just needs to grow slowly and boost their profit margin may benefit from a bookkeeper or controller. One that wants to expand into new waters might need a Chief Financial Officer to steer them.

What Can You Afford?

Is your company still on a tight budget? Then you may have to consider seriously the type of help you can afford to hire. Hiring a CFO is an expensive idea, but expecting to get CFO level work from a bookkeeper salary isn’t realistic. Determine what you can pay and then make a plan to use it to meet your biggest needs. You may be able to do this with a combination of full-time employees, part-time employees, and temporary help.

What are Your Options?

Now that you know what you need and can afford, how can you match that to the position? Here’s a breakdown of the various positions you can hire.

  • Accounting Clerk. The least expensive role, an accounting clerk tends to focus on data entry and reconciliation of one or two categories — such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, or general ledger. It’s a limited scope that generally doesn’t engage in any supervision and only does limited analysis.
  • Bookkeeper. A bookkeeper often does a lot of the daily leg work of entering data, creating reports, and performing closing tasks as well, but they do it over the entire company’s books. Because of this expanded scope, a bookkeeper can do more planning, analyzing, and problem solving.
  • Controller. A controller is more proactive about company finances, security, and efficiency. They generally don’t do much daily entry, but oversee those who do it. They’re also a resource for management for help with strategizing and planning ahead.
  • Chief Financial Officer. The CFO is the most expensive option and should oversee a staff. The CFO spearheads changes, future growth, new technology adoption, and large company projects. They work at an equal level with other executives and must intimately know the business operations.

Which of these positions sounds right for you? No matter whether you need more day-to-day help or assistance planning your next steps, BIRK Staffing & Technical Services can help. Our accounting professionals cover the entire spectrum of accounting functions so you can get exactly what you need. Call today to learn more.

Effects of Technology in Application Submission

In today’s market technology is moving at lightening speed.  It seems every 6 months we are dealing with new software and constant updates.   But remember once you put that resume out there is social media or submit it to a website for employment.  It’s OUT there!  Making critical mistakes defeat all the time and effort you put forth to get it out there and now you may not be able to correct it!  Some very common mistakes are of course, spelling, grammar, and the worst -(incorrect phone or email address).  Here is a list of mistakes that can really impact your search, especially if you are looking for big bucks!  
  • Complete application – If you really want to look like you don’t care, have no attention to detail, and can’t follow directions – don’t complete the process/application or put in “see resume”! An application is a legal document that can only be filled out by you to be valid.  It will be a part of your employment record if hired.  Make sure to carefully read the paragraph where you sign it, most of the time is states that if you falsify information it is grounds for termination.  This is why most employers want it done correctly and complete.
  • Email – Today you can have several emails.  So my suggestion is make one specifically for your job search.  Make sure it is professional and does not reflect anything negative or not politically correct!  This is definitely a reflection on you and says something about your character.  Also, make sure on your application or resume it is correct and not misspelled.  Otherwise you will wonder why no one is contacting you.  You would be surprised how many people have incorrectly spelled email addresses on their resumes.
  • Social Media – Make sure that your personal social media is blocked from the public during your job search.  You may be someone with a good sense of humor and think something is funny.  But if a potential employer sees it and disagrees, it could cost you a job and you may not know that is the reason.  Everything you put out there on-line is out there forever – that is the rule you should live by.  Employers are not suppose to make decisions based on your social media – but how would you know.
  Please make sure that all your information is correct on your resume.  I cannot tell you how many people send me resumes with wrong email or phone numbers.  People change their email and phone numbers, like I change my socks!  They forget to change it on their resumes, and other places.  There is a lot of social media we as people must maintain!  Good luck with your job search and if you need additional help, please contact BIRK Staffing & Technical Services we can help with your search.–>