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Walk-in are now welcome through August 28th!

BIRK Staffing normally does not take walk-in’s to our office.  The main reason is so we do not waste your time.  We are not a day labor company or your typical temp agency.  BIRK concentrates its focus on temp to perm jobs and direct hire.  Yes we do have long term temps, but our client base understands we want to get our people hired.  This is the reason we do not take walk-in’s usually, if you do not have the level of experience we need – it would be a waste of time for you.  BUT now with unemployment so low, companies are willing to train people.  So this changes our business model a bit, so we still need to get you hired but will work with you as much as we can.  Our salaries are not minimum wage, we believe in paying a decent days wage for a decent days work.  Try us out and see if we are able to help you!  

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