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BIRK Staffing in Park Ridge, is giving out “BIRK Staffing Backpacks”  for all BIRK employee’s for Christmas!  Our temporaries are the hardest working people.  BIRK Staffing respects and appreciates our temporaries!  Here is a small description of the backpacks:  


  • Just enough space for a day away from home minus the bulk of a full-sized backpack.
  • The durable 600D polyester slingpack includes a large zippered main compartment accessible from the side-zippered opening.
  • Small inner accessory pocket and rubber ear bud port provide an easy way to enjoy music on-the-go.
  • Front zippered pocket offers easy access to smaller bits and pieces.
  • Single black shoulder strap adjusts to the most comfortable across-the-body fit.
  • The strap also connects to either the left of right side depending on carrying preference or handedness.
  • Bold-colored front panel pops against the black and light gray bag.
  • Size: 16″ x 12″ x 4″.

Promotional Items

BIRK Staffing enjoys providing cool swag for our temps for all their hard work! Check out our swag Earbuds, Car Chargers for all types of phones and flashlights that charge your phone and break your car window if you have too!  BIRK Staffing respects all our temps and knows they are the hardest working people out there!  Our business model is temp to perm for our labor temps, but also provide high-level direct hire jobs!  This is also done for the office positions! Contact us today (847)390-6990 if you are looking for great companies to work for!







Phone Interviews

How do you handle the phone interview without freaking out? In this economy a lot of companies and recruiters do not want to waste your time coming in for an interview yet. Companies time management is key for them. So preliminary discovery is very important, and proves to be productive for both the candidate and company. The concept of a phone interview can be as stressful as an interview in person for some people.  Here are some basic theories that work!

  • Your phone picks up all sounds around you – Most updated phones can pick up all the noises around you.  For example, babies crying, kids playing, loud vehicles, TV’s, wind and many others.  Make sure you are in a quite area that you can concentrate on your answers and questions you may have for the interviewers.
  • Preparation – Make sure you have your resume handy – Have your reference information, as well as your educational information.  I know you think you know everything about your own life!  But when nerves come in to play mistakes can be made.  Your looking to make your best first impression. 
  • Don’t wear your PJ’s – We all like to be comfortable while home – but not for a phone interview.  Be showered and dressed – I would also be at a home workstation with your laptop.
  • Speaking – This is the opportunity to be articulate, knowledgeable and show your presentation of grammar skills.  It is a full reflection of the picture they will create in their own mind.  You know sometimes when speaking to someone you’ve never seen, based on their voice you create an image of what they will look like. 
  • Following up – The follow up is the most important!  Don’t forget to ask for the email, correct spelling of their name or look them up on “LinkedIn”.  Send emails to whom ever you spoke with thanking them for their time and the interview.  This amplifies your interest in the position, and reminds them of you.

In today’s market many companies are trying many different methods to interviewing.  Including heavy usage of employment recruiter’s and staffing agencies.  The phone interview is just one of them, but has been very time management sensitive.