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Answering Phones

Technology is a wonderful thing for our society! But the problem is that it takes the human factor away. I have always tried to teach my reps that having a relationship with your clients based on your personality and devotion to them is what keeps your clients, your clients! Text messages, emails, and voicemail have disassociated human interaction with each other. That is the reason why BIRK Staffing does not encourage our staff to allow calls to go to voicemail. When you call BIRK during office hours, a real person will answer the phone!!!!!!!!! Many customers stated to me that they prefer to work with BIRK, just because of that fact. Our clients know that they are respected and we want to show how quickly our response time is to their needs. Time is money and time management is key to success! #BIRKStaffing Call us now!! 847-390-6990!!!!!  

Effects of Technology in Application Submission

In today’s market technology is moving at lightening speed.  It seems every 6 months we are dealing with new software and constant updates.   But remember once you put that resume out there is social media or submit it to a website for employment.  It’s OUT there!  Making critical mistakes defeat all the time and effort you put forth to get it out there and now you may not be able to correct it!  Some very common mistakes are of course, spelling, grammar, and the worst -(incorrect phone or email address).  Here is a list of mistakes that can really impact your search, especially if you are looking for big bucks!  
  • Complete application – If you really want to look like you don’t care, have no attention to detail, and can’t follow directions – don’t complete the process/application or put in “see resume”! An application is a legal document that can only be filled out by you to be valid.  It will be a part of your employment record if hired.  Make sure to carefully read the paragraph where you sign it, most of the time is states that if you falsify information it is grounds for termination.  This is why most employers want it done correctly and complete.
  • Email – Today you can have several emails.  So my suggestion is make one specifically for your job search.  Make sure it is professional and does not reflect anything negative or not politically correct!  This is definitely a reflection on you and says something about your character.  Also, make sure on your application or resume it is correct and not misspelled.  Otherwise you will wonder why no one is contacting you.  You would be surprised how many people have incorrectly spelled email addresses on their resumes.
  • Social Media – Make sure that your personal social media is blocked from the public during your job search.  You may be someone with a good sense of humor and think something is funny.  But if a potential employer sees it and disagrees, it could cost you a job and you may not know that is the reason.  Everything you put out there on-line is out there forever – that is the rule you should live by.  Employers are not suppose to make decisions based on your social media – but how would you know.
    Please make sure that all your information is correct on your resume.  I cannot tell you how many people send me resumes with wrong email or phone numbers.  People change their email and phone numbers, like I change my socks!  They forget to change it on their resumes, and other places.  There is a lot of social media we as people must maintain!  Good luck with your job search and if you need additional help, please contact BIRK Staffing we can help with your search.            


BIRK Staffing in Park Ridge, is giving out “BIRK Staffing Backpacks”  for all BIRK employee’s for Christmas!  Our temporaries are the hardest working people.  BIRK Staffing respects and appreciates our temporaries!  Here is a small description of the backpacks:  


  • Just enough space for a day away from home minus the bulk of a full-sized backpack.
  • The durable 600D polyester slingpack includes a large zippered main compartment accessible from the side-zippered opening.
  • Small inner accessory pocket and rubber ear bud port provide an easy way to enjoy music on-the-go.
  • Front zippered pocket offers easy access to smaller bits and pieces.
  • Single black shoulder strap adjusts to the most comfortable across-the-body fit.
  • The strap also connects to either the left of right side depending on carrying preference or handedness.
  • Bold-colored front panel pops against the black and light gray bag.
  • Size: 16″ x 12″ x 4″.

Promotional Items

BIRK Staffing enjoys providing cool swag for our temps for all their hard work! Check out our swag Earbuds, Car Chargers for all types of phones and flashlights that charge your phone and break your car window if you have too!  BIRK Staffing respects all our temps and knows they are the hardest working people out there!  Our business model is temp to perm for our labor temps, but also provide high-level direct hire jobs!  This is also done for the office positions! Contact us today (847)390-6990 if you are looking for great companies to work for!