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Read Reviews about BIRK Staffing & Technical Services from Both Clients and Employees in Chicagoland, IL

Client Testimonials

We at BIRK Staffing truly appreciate our clients taking the time to share their feedback. Our team is committed to providing superb customer service as well as talented candidates. Thank you for your recognition!
 Great Job!
by Sheila B., Human Resources  1/17/2018
I was placed in the perfect job for me by Jill at BIRK and she has done a great job of providing me with qualified candidates who are a good match for our company.  She and the staff at BIRK take the time to get to know and understand the candidates and companies they are working with for job searches.  I would highly recommend BIRK to anyone searching for employment or to any company searching for candidates!

Less Stress!

by Kevin K., Production Manager 12/11/2017

Pam, Its companies and individuals like you that make my work so much easier and less stressful. I know I can contact you and you will pull through with individuals on a short turnaround and who are dependable workers.  I can’t thank you enough for the amount of times you have gotten me out of a situation. You are a pleasure to deal with and I hope we will be in contact with you sooner rather than later to help with temp work. I would like to extend a Healthy and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you , your family and Birk Staffing.

Great Results

by Liz C., Human Resources Manager 4/17/2017

Pam is very detail oriented and produces great results for GB.  Thanks for all your help!

Excellent service

by Carole Authier, 3/29/2016

Being a North American corporation with its HQ in Quebec, we need efficient partner to support us in our recruitment in the USA. BIRK Staffing has been very professional and helpful in finding the ideal candidates for us. Thank you for a much appreciated support.

Excellent Job 

by Don B., Production Manager 9/9/2015

I was referred to BIRK Staffing through another agency that I worked with in the past, as that agency did not offer industrial staffing. I spoke with Pam about my need for 4 people for a 7 day project. After explaining what I needed, Pam asked if she could come out as observe some of the work that was going on to fully understand what our needs where. I also spoke to a different agency and they had no interest in coming out to see what the work was. they said my explanation was enough and they would be able to send out 4 people for me. I did not get a good feeling about them even though they quoted me a lower rate. I chose BIRK and the first day only 2 people showed up. However, Pam stayed for most of the day doing the work herself to make sure that we did not fall behind and miss our deadline. The next day we had a full staff and after explaining the deadline and the importance, they workers did a great job and we actually finished in 5-1/2 days instead of the 7 days, saving us a substantial amount of money.I would recommend BIRK Staffing and will definitely be calling them in the future for any industrial staffing needs.
What a pleasure!
by Gina Q.,  Corporate Recruiter 2/2013
I have had the pleasure of working with BIRK Staffing for 12 years.  Jennifer and Pam have consistently presented excellent temporary and direct hire candidates.  The have repeatedly risen to the challenge especially when working to fill difficult positions for us. I am impressed with their professionalism and dedication.  BIRK Staffing has been a true asset and I feel very fortunate to work with Jennifer and Pam.  I highly recommend BIRK Staffing.
by Cathy R.  Financial Controller 3/2013 I am writing this recommendation to commend BIRK Staffing on the excellent job done placing candidates with us……. each one continues to exceed expectations.  Besides the quality personnel you sent ….. our interviewers in the  Production Department found you very easy to work with. They thought you listened carefully to their needs and to the job descriptions they gave.  They felt you must have worked hard to interview and screen out any candidates that were not the best fit, because everyone you sent over was an excellent candidate.  Personally, I appreciated your quick response and professionalism.  You always followed through on your promises and were always helpful.  Thank you for the great employees!  It was a pleasure to work with you.
By Steve Thomas, Technical Manager  9/2013 There is not enough that can truly be said about BIRK Staffing and specifically Jennifer Wieczorkiewicz and Pam Clark.  I strongly consider Jennifer and Pam close professional friends who relate to our growth, business challenges, and have provided the highest quality of professional staffing to us over the years.  They take the time to understand their candidates and clients to ensure the best possible fit well before an initial interview is scheduled……   I would recommend BIRK Staffing to any business associate as well as friends who may be looking for a new career opportunity.
By Pat Johnson, Manufacturing Assistant  2/08/2010 I have worked with BIRK Staffing since 1/2007 and found them to be very concerned with Customer Service and being extremely accessible when necessary.  They have provided manufacturing temps for us with great success.  They have been cost effective by providing an efficient screening process and interjecting their feedback after they have met with each candidate personally.  I would highly recommend them as a primary vendor.

Employee Testimonials

BIRK Staffing appreciates the hard work and dedication of our employees. They are the hardest working people out there. So when our employees have kind things to say about us, we appreciate and welcome it.
by Bria F., 1/30/2018
The staff at BIRK is amazing. The position they placed me in was a perfect fit and turned into a permanent job. Wonderful experience working with them to find a great job.

by Ivette G., 1/22/2018
I give BIRK 5 stars! Special shout out to my girl Marni for helping me find a job. I was a stay at home mom for a couple of years and had no luck finding anything on my own. She was the only person/agency to be able to help me out. I tried out a few agencies prior to BIRK and they were terrible. Marni stayed on top of any potential jobs for me and sure enough found me one in a location I asked for and with a great salary! I cannot thank BIRK enough for this. My family and I really appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Comfortable Process

by Gerri W. , 01/18/2018

Becoming a temporary employee was totally new to me back in September when I answered an ad on a job site. When I met with Marni Herman of BIRK Staffing she was friendly, efficient and made me feel very comfortable with the process. The job she found for me was exactly what I was looking for and has become my permanent position. During the temporary process Marni called on a regular basis to check on things and let me know of comments from the employer. I could not have asked for a better first experience and would certainly recommend Birk Staffing to anyone in need of a job. Gerri W.

By Rayanne S. 7/30/2017 My experience with BIRK Staffing Agency has been a positive one. All of the recruiting staff members are amazing. They are kind, professional, and genuinely interested in helping you get the right jobs based on your skills and abilities. Jennifer and Katie are very diligent in seeking out the best assignments that would be the right fit for you. My current assignment is within my field of study at a great company where I hope to gain a permanent position. I would recommend BIRK Staffing as a great source for those seeking employment.

By Tracy B. 7/21/2017 If you want a staffing agency who is going to go the extra mile to find you a job that’s a fit look no further!  Jennifer, Pam, and the entire staff truly go above and beyond for you. I have had the pleasure of using BIRK Staffing as a client looking to fill positions and also helping me find a job when the company I worked for relocated out of state. If I had to describe BIRK Staffing -especially Jennifer and Pam – I’d tell you they are beyond dedicated, extremely hardworking, reliable professionals that have your best interest.  So if you’re looking to fill a position or need a job I highly recommend contacting them. I’ve gone through other agencies and BIRK Staffing is by far the best!
By Bristee Logan-Giles  2/2017 Jill is Great! Responsive and cares about your placement.
  By Roxann Z., 9/20/2016 They made sure I got a job that best fit me, not just giving me anything and they are all so friendly.
  By Dharmesh P., 8/21/2016 Excellent response call, fillup application and start working next day, specially thanks to Marykate O’Neill.  I am highly recommending.

Great job opportunities!!! 

by Consuelo M, 7/11/2016

My experience with BIRK Staffing has been great! Jennifer has been an enormous amount of help. She asked questions to find out exactly what I was looking for and helped me prepare for interviews taking off all the pressure. She has kept in touch to make sure everything is working out fine. I highly recommend Jennifer and BIRK Staffing team for anyone who is currently seeking better opportunities!
By Breanna J. , 6/6/2016 I absolutely love Jill.  She takes the time to figure out what’s a great fit for you and what fits your needs.  She returns all calls and email.  Unlike other staffing agencies, BIRK doesn’t leave you in the dark about what is happening.

Fast, Efficient, Well-Placed

by Brian , 03/18/2016

After being disappointed by my first try at a staffing agency, I decided to give it another try with BIRK. I was having a tough time finding a job in this market. Pam saw my resume and was able to see deeper into it and determined a job she thought would suit me well. 3 months later, I am happy to report I am permanently working at this employer and am very happy with the environment. I owe a lot of thanks to Pam and the entire BIRK team. Without them, I never would have even HEARD of this company, let alone had a chance to work for them. It ended up being a great fit and a quick and speedy process to be placed through BIRK. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a position in this crazy job market.… 
By Dmitry R. , 2/18/2016 Jill, is very hospitable and responsive.  She will update you on all the developments, as soon as they happen.
By SC,  2/10/2016 They were very friendly and did a phone screen first, so that they did not waste my time or their clients. Fortunately, I was extended an interview with BIRK and then the client. I did not get the job, but they got me another interview that was perfect. After temping for a short period of time, I got hired and got a great raise. Love the ladies at BIRK! Thanks again.
By Erica A.,  9/22/2015 I had a wonderful experience with them for my latest job search. Although a temporary position, I definitely explored my skills and capabilities. I look forward to receiving a permanent position in the near future. I would definitely recommend BIRK Staffing for the following reasons: friendly, courteous, and professional.  They are a valuable source.
By KK,  5/18/2015 Understanding and Helpful – I had the most pleasant experience dealing with BIRK Staffing. I have worked with other employment agencies in the past … (as we all know how the job hunt has been in the recent economy…) and BIRK was there to guide me through what I needed to do to finally land a job! They were professional yet down to earth. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Not Like The Others

by Matt , 10/08/2014

Having tried other staffing agencies in the past, I didn’t expect much from BIRK. Got a call from Jennifer about a job opening. Didn’t think much of it. Went in to talk to her the next day and i was very surprised. Jennifer and the whole staff truly cared about trying to get me a job. They were friendly, professional, and very helpful. She helped me get an interview the same day and even helped proof read my resume and gave me tips about job interviews. I was offered the job on the spot, some thanks to Jennifer for calling ahead and putting in a good word for me. Got offered a permanent position within a couple months and am loving the job. Thanks to Jennifer and the entire staff. Truly not like the other staffing agencies.… 
By Jason S. , 2014 I was highly impressed with BIRK Staffing.  Unlike some agencies that will simply throw you in any job.  BIRK does their homework.  They ask alot of questions. They examine your work history, focus on your strengths, and offer you options based on your skills. I was sent on two interviews, and was offered a position close to home.  While I did accept a position through another source I would highly recommend them.

Fantastic experience!

by Katie , 09/28/2014

I heard about BIRK Staffing from a friend who also had a great experience with the company and found permanent full-time work. I had been unsuccessfully searching for a good job after graduating from college for over a year. During that time I met with two different agencies that each only called me once for jobs that I knew were not going to be a good fit for me . One thing I like about Pam is that she assured me that if I did not get a job after interviewing, she would keep searching to find the perfect match, which was encouraging to hear. I was fortunate to get the first job that I interviewed with and they have now hired me on full time! I am very grateful to BIRK for making the process easier and more effective than going at it alone.


by Happy employee , 06/12/2014

You hear about temp agencies and how unreliable they can be. Well not the ladies at BIRK Staffing! They were determined to find a company that fit me and my personal needs! I am so happy with the job they placed me and how they have stayed in constant contact about how everything is going on a weekly basis! If you’re looking for someone to really listen to your needs BIRK is the way to go!…  

Professionals who cares!!!

by Mirage Y , 06/03/2014

Jennifer and her team at Birk Staffing are not only professionals but they also care about making sure the two parties are a perfect fit. I am very blessed to have found permanent employment with a great company through Birk. Jennifer always stays in touch and works diligently. I am most thankful for her assistance and would definitely recommend to my friends and families.

BIRK is the best!!!

by Mrs Castillo , 02/14/2014

Pam is truly the best at her job. I love the company I work for. The benefits and pay are great!! Now I can spend the quality time i was looking for with my kids. If your looking for a temp agency… this is definitely the prefect one!!!

Excellent Service!!! 

by Cristina, 1/29/2014

I’ve been looking for a good job for a while, and I posted my Resume everywhere online. One day I received a call from Birk, and before I knew it, I was hired in a company that pays great and offers excellent benefits! The staff was very nice and helpful, and they will answer your calls/emails right away. My paycheck was never late. I recommended them to all my friends and family. Excellent recruiting company!!!

The Staffing Company that cares! 

by huskypup, 12/20/2013

I have been associated with several staffing companies and recruiters, but never any like BIRK Staffing. Pam Clark & her team of professionals are the standard that ALL OTHER companies should try to measure up to. (though I seriously doubt that ANY of them would be able to achieve that) They really do care about people. You are not just a placement or commission to them, you are a person. Their level professionalism, integrity, & compassion is to be admired. Pam worked very hard to get me a particular placement, and things couldn’t be going better! It has changed my life too. I will forever be grateful to Pam & BIRK Staffing.

Highly recommend using Birk Staffing 

by Xavier. P, 9/16/2013

I have been applying for companies for almost a month until my sister told me about Birk staffing and the awesome job they did at placing her. I normally don’t use temp agencies but when I got the extra push from my sister I decided to check them out. I worked with Birk for 3 months and the company I worked for hired me instantly after for being an outstanding worker. I told Pam the type of work I was looking for and she found it on the first try. Amazing working with Pam Clark, I highly recommend Birk Staffing to anyone who’s looking for employment help.

awesome people!!! 

by Mercedes B, 8/2/2013

After searching for a job for so long, BIRK Staffing found me a great job in a great company and I am so glad I met Pam Clark!! They will help you and go out of any ways to keep you happy. They helped me and I really recommend those people searching for a job to call BIRK Staffing.

Awesome first experience with Birk Staffing, Inc.

by Capri, 4/21/2013

Its been 5 years since I was laid off and I had been having trouble with various temp agencies finding me adequate work fitting my previous work experience. I stumbled across Birk Staffing, Inc . by accident! I met with Pam and Jennifer and I was impressed by their professionalism as well as their genuine concern with finding me employment. I was presented with a temporary part-time position with a Bank. Within two weeks, my hours increased to full-time and before approaching a month with them, I was offered a permanent position! I am grateful to Birk Staffing, Inc. for their efforts in finding me a company that is a great fit for me and my skills!

I’m indebted to BIRK! 

by Mary, 3/10/2013

I was laid off two years ago. Pam helped me get a job within month with a very stable company. I received a promotion two years to the day I was hired. If it wasn’t for BIRK Staffing, I would have never gotten a job so quickly, much less get a promotion!

BIRK Staffing Changed My Life! 

by Jill S., 1/12/2013

BIRK Staffing contacted me after 6 weeks of being unemployed. They found me a temp job as a customer service representative immediately. After a few months I was hired and a couple of months after that I became the customer service supervisor. Over 2 years later I am still with that company. BIRK Staffing has changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Great Experience with BIRK!

by Angela, 11/18/2012

As a recent college graduate, it was tough to find a job straight out of school. After searching around for a few months and signing up with another temp agency (that called me two times and then never again), I came across Birk. I literally got a job within days of Pam Clark first calling me with an opportunity. They helped me along every step of the way and always responded very promptly to any questions or concerns I had. Pam has to be one of the nicest people to talk to and so helpful! She checked in with me often to see how I was doing, and when I decided that the first job wasn’t really for me, she immediately began looking for other job opportunities. Birk is a company that you can tell truly cares about the people they work with. They want you to be happy with wherever you are placed and they will help you get there. I have had a wonderful experience with Birk and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a job!

The Best Staffing Agency I’ve Worked With 

by Alison, 10/26/2012

I was unemployed for 7 months before I interviewed at BIRK Staffing. In those 7 months I interviewed/signed up with four different staffing agencies. Three of the four got me temporary jobs and some interviews for permanent positions, but nothing came through until I had the good fortune to encounter BIRK Staffing. They got me an interview right away and, although I didn’t get that job, I was assured that they would find me something within the month and,sure enough, one month later, I was starting work at a temp-to-perm position. Three months later they took me on permanently. It’s a fabulous opportunity for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to BIRK Staffing. They helped me so much, not just by getting me the interviews, but by prepping me for them and helping me through some of the tough questions they knew were going to come up. The whole experience has been extremely positive and I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for a job to contact BIRK Staffing immediately!