U.S. athletes are making history in the 2018 Winter Olympics.   From the only triple axel landed by a female American Olympic skater to the first men’s single medal for USA Luge at the Games.

Our Olympic Teams have done an amazing job winning medals for the 2018 Olympic Games.  Here is a list of the current winners!   Jamie Anderson – Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle – Gold Red Gerard – Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle – Gold Chloe Kim – Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe – Gold – Youngest woman to win the GOLD! Shaun White – Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe – Gold
Chris Mazdzer – Men’s Luge – Silver – First Men’s Single Medal in History.
Arielle Gold – Women’s Snowboarding Halfpipe – Bronze
 BIRK Staffing is so proud of our athletes, beating the odds and doing it in sometimes extreme weather!  Congratulations to our winners!